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We're Immensely Proud to Call Tasmania Our Home

Our Orchards

Located in the Huon Valley in Southern Tasmania

An Island State

Tasmania's unwavering dedication to preserving its untouched environment guarantees that our cherries, are grown in a pure, pollution-free setting. This commitment to protecting our natural habitat is key to consistently producing fruits of exceptional quality, distinguishing our produce as superior in the market.

Tasmania's Geographical Advantage

Tasmania's unique position, surrounded by cool waters, creates a temperate climate ideal for growing cherries. The island's cooler temperatures during the growing season prolong the fruit's development, allowing for a gradual and thorough maturation. This longer growing season lets the fruits slowly accumulate sugars, leading to their exceptional sweetness and complex flavors, a hallmark of Tasmanian cherries.


The Ideal Climate for Premium Cherries

Harnessing Cool Waters and Temperate Climates for Superior Fruit Maturation

The Foundation of Flavour

The Secret to Luscious Cherries

Rich Soils and Cultivation

The fertile soils of Tasmania, enriched with volcanic minerals and nutrients, play a crucial role in the growth of our fruits. These nutrient-packed soils, combined with meticulous cultivation techniques, ensure healthy tree development and abundant fruit production. This perfect marriage of ideal temperatures and nutrient-rich soils offers the optimal conditions for cherries to flourish, resulting in produce that is not only visually stunning but also distinguished by its superior taste and texture.

Sustainable Practices and Pristine Environment

Tasmania's dedication to sustainable agriculture and its relatively unspoiled environment are key in producing top-quality fruits. The pristine conditions, largely free from common pests and diseases found elsewhere, allow growers to use natural and eco-friendly farming methods. This commitment enhances the quality and purity of Tasmanian cherries and apples, contributing significantly to their high demand for their premium quality and unique flavors.


Eco-Conscious Excellence

Embracing Nature's Purity for Unparalleled Quality in Cherries
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