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A Tasmanian Family Business


About Us

The Hansen family, with a rich  farming legacy of four generations, specialises in growing premium cherries and apples in Tasmania. Their commitment to sustainable, environmentally friendly farming has been a cornerstone of their operations. Howard Hansen, the current head and a 2020 APAL Grower of the Year awardee, has been pivotal in enhancing cherry production since joining the business full time in 1994. While there is a great tradition to the family business, the Hansen’s refuse to stand still. In 1994, Howard studied late season sweet cherry production and planted the first cherry trees in 1997, and in the years since has turned Hansen Orchards into one of the biggest cherry growers in Australia, exporting premium cherries to more than twelve countries.


Howard Hansen

Howard Hansen, the mastermind behind the luscious 43 Degrees South Cherries, is truly a genius in his field. His visionary approach at Hansen Orchards has not only upheld the great tradition of the family business but has also propelled it into new realms of innovation and global acclaim.

Embarking on a transformative journey in 1994, Howard delved deep into the study of late-season sweet cherry production. This led to the pivotal planting of the first cherry trees in 1997, laying the foundation for what would become one of Australia's premier cherry orchards. Under Howard's expert guidance, Hansen Orchards has grown exponentially, now standing as a titan in the cherry industry, exporting its exquisite produce to over twenty countries.

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